Difference in Booty Options/ Mesh, Length and Waistbands

Here you have our most common question!!!

Difference in our waistbands, Booty Options, lengths and Mesh Inserts! Please check the following links to see what each option looks like before ordering! <3

Scrunch Options

  • Full Scrunch: goes all the way down, very noticeable! If you want an extra booty pop, this is the way to go!

  • Partial/Half Scrunch: It is around 2 inches shorter than our full scrunch, still noticeable but a little more toned down. Not feeling like being extra? Then go with this one!
  • Elastic/Subtle Scrunch: This is our less noticible option, the elastic/subtle scrunch will move with you as you go on with your day and your squats so if you are feeling timid and are not sure if scrunch is for you, go with this one! 
Ladies, keep in min though, that since this scrunch is built in elastic material, highly compressive fabrics are not the best choice to add this scrunch in since it mostly disappears when wearing the leggings so we DO NOT recommend it
  • No Scrunch, plain, simple and classic legging

Waistband Options

How does V-Band looks like? Click here to see or here!! The V-Band is the V shape that is formed on the back of the leggings by the connection of the back side of the waistband and the scrunch booty (V-Band is only available with High rise and full scrunch)


How does the Marilyn High rise looks like when it doesn't have the V-Band? The regular marilyn most times will have a slight V on the back because of the scrunch booty but it will not be very notorious. In case that the leggings do not have a scrunch, the waistband will look straight accross the waistband stitching 


How does regular rise looks like? It is about 2 inches lower, right were the belly button is. BEWARE LADIES! If you have a long torso, it may be right under your belly button, the model on the picture is just 5.3 so the regular waistband covers hers.

Mesh Options

  • Spiral Mesh
  • Tuxedo Mesh: this mesh cutout is shown on a capri length legging, the model is 5.3 feet tall


  • Quad Mesh: this mesh cutout is shown on a capri length legging, the model is 5.3 feet tall


  • Quadzilla Mesh


We have 3 main length options that we offer (info below). However, one of the wonders of being a custom made legging company is that if you need a specific inseam because you are a shorty like most of us at ABS2B or you have a "legs for days" look and need some extra inches, we got you!

Below you will see how to take your inseam to ensure the best fit! How do you let us know you need a custom made length? Just add it to note section on your custom made item :D